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I’m Out For 5 Days or More

I have waited for so long. Almost a year I have done nothing! Not even a part time job. Yeah, it was bored. I just spend time on this blog by doing tutorial, review and spend hours editing/modifying template. I hope everything i have done in this blog have satisfied you, the readers. By the way, the main purpose of this post is to inform that i will not update this blog for 5 days or more. I need to face “a boring” orientation week again. This time in UPM.

I really hope there is no “activities” like useless cheering, “respect” ceremony to seniors etc. Sports can be consider ok.. And please don’t wake me up at 3am for fake emergency!! or sleep at 1am for nonsense lectures.. Seriously i hate seniors/facilitators yelling or crying. I’ve had enough during my orientations week in UKM.

I think maybe i can “curi-curi” update this blog if i have free time. Do think I have?? Seriously i don’t think so. All the free time will be use for sleeping. Plus, I don’t have any laptop or smartphone to access the internet.

Please…Please.. Please… I really hope this week goes smoothly….


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