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How Hypocrite I Am

Hello again to all my readers! I just finished my orientation weeks. Seriously weeks, not week. For the first week I have my University Orientation that told me everthing I already knew from UKM Orientation. Well, its just the same content and systems. After all both are IPTA. For the second week I have my College Orientation week or known as “Minggu Tautan Mesra” that ended with “Malam Kebudayaan and Jamuan Raya”. I think there will be another orientation week, and this time for College Block. And maybe after that Collect Level Orientation and then College Wing Orientation and so on… Ya, orientation giving me a lot of “fun”!!! Plus its “benefits” me so much…..

Last entry I have told that I hate cheering! How irony it is when I became the cheerleader for my college. Everytime my college need a cheer I have to shout “Second Ready!!!!!” until I almost lost my voice. I really hate this shouting style for giving command. I still remember and always remember my “None But The Best” college Kolej Rahim Kajai KRKUKM. Their command is so simple and no need to shout or speak. Just giving a hand sign and we start cheering. This style was impactfull because people don’t notice that the college preparing for cheer and suddenly BOOM!! Cheering…

I have a looooong “sigh” right now. All this shouldn’t be happen if I make a correct and fast decision before. I still regretted for what happened and always give advise for those needed. I don’t want they become like me. Wasting time and money. And now I have a really big pressure to adapt with new environment……………


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